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External Trade Statistics till March, 2012                                                   24-05-2012

New Phase of Jordanian European Partnership Agreement                           30-04-2012

International Trade Conference in Qatar / Brief about the Conference             30-04-2012

Seminar on the application of the Technical Rulesregarding Energy Efficiency 

Participation Form


External Trade Statistics till February, 2012                                                22-04-2012

Article 22 of the Third Protocol on the Euro Mediterranean Rules of Origin     13-03-2012      

Bulgarian Exhibition Guide 2012                                                                 01-02-2012

Jordanian Society Against Medical Malpractice / Membership form                31-01-2012

International Transport Agreement between Jordan and Romania                    12-02-2012  

Brazilian Exhibition Guide 2012                                                                     07-01-2012

Customs fees and other Taxes in the Partnership Agreement for Establishing Free Trade Zone between Jordan and Turkey                                                                                                        05-01-2012

Customs fees and other taxes in the free Trade Agreement between Hashemite Kingdom  of Jordan and European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA)                                                                             05-01-2012

Amendments on Customs Tariff                                                                    

Eur-Med & Eur 1                                                                                          06-12-2011



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